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best makeup look for blue dress

lady wearing light blue dress

Eye Shadow for Blue Dress: Perfect Pairings and Application Tips

Choosing the right eye makeup to complement your blue dress can be a delightful dilemma. We all want to nail that sophisticated look where our makeup harmoniously accentuates our outfit, don’t we? Whether it’s for a wedding, a business function, or just a casual day out, the right shade on your lids can take your look from ‘just fine’ to ‘fantastic’!

When wearing a blue dress, it’s natural to wonder if our makeup should be just as bold or play it cool. Let’s chat about finding that sweet spot. After all, we could all use a little guidance to avoid eyeshadow missteps that leave us looking less like a professional makeup artist’s masterpiece and more like an arts and crafts project gone awry. A hint: gray and lighter shades of blue can be your allies in creating a look that’s both eye-catching and elegant.


Choosing the perfect eyeshadow for your blue dress can be as thrilling as spotting a shooting star! First things first, let’s talk primers—they’re the unsung heroes that keep our eyeshadow in place all night long.

For those with blue dresses, particularly navy, we’re steering our makeup compass towards complementary colors on the color wheel. Think warm shades like rose gold eyeshadow, or a pop of glitter for that added sparkle. Here’s a little cheat sheet:

  • Navy Blue Dress: Aim for shades like charcoal, gray eyeshadow, or a beautiful smoky eye.
  • Lighter Blue Dress: Soften the look with pastels like lavender or a subtle rose gold.

Now, for the step-by-step action:

  1. Apply Eyeshadow Primer: Like a trusty sidekick, it ensures your shadow doesn’t budge.
  2. Select Your Shades: Try out a shadow palette with a mix of complementary colors.
  3. Create Depth: Layer different shades, starting with a neutral tone and building up to the darker crease color.

Let’s switch gears to eyeliner. A blue eyeliner could be an exciting twist, or play it safe with a classic winged eyeliner on the upper lid. Don’t forget a touch along the lower lash line—it’s like dotting the ‘i’ in ‘incredible’.

Finally, bat those lashes with a few coats of black mascara. It’s the cherry on top that makes your eyes truly irresistible.


 Blue dresses work wonderfully with a variety of lipstick shades, each setting a different mood for your makeup look.

For a Bold Statement:

  • Red Lips: Thinking of going bold? A classic red with a matte finish can bring an element of sophistication to your look.
  • Burgundy: If you’re aiming for a more dramatic feel, burgundy is your go-to color.
  • Fuchsia Lipstick: For those of us who love a pop of color, fuchsia adds an exciting twist to your makeup look.

For a Subtle Charm:

  • Nude: A nude lipstick complements a blue dress without stealing the show, especially great for a daytime event.
  • Peach or Coral: These warm shades add a fresh, youthful glow, perfect for spring and summer vibes.
  • Light Pink Lips: Pale pink offers a hint of color and keeps things looking natural.

For a Unique Twist:

  • Violet & Purple Shades: To stand out, why not try violet or purple? These colors can be surprisingly versatile.
  • Orange and Wine: Unconventional orange or a deep wine color provide a modern edge to your overall makeup.

Here’s a quick reference list to help you choose:

Skin ToneBest BetAdventurous Choice
FairLight PinkPeach
DarkMatte RedBurgundy or Violet

Remember, the finish can make a difference, too. Matte lipsticks provide a sophisticated touch, while a bit of shimmer or gloss can add volume to your lips. We encourage experimenting to find what makes you feel fabulous. Because at the end of the day, the best makeup accessory? Confidence.

Blush & Highlighter

When you’re wearing a blue dress, selecting the right blush and highlighter is key to achieving a look that’s as captivating as your outfit! Isn’t it wonderful how the right shades can really make your look pop?

For those gorgeous navy blue or royal blue dresses, we advise going for blushes with cooler tones. Think pink or mauve that complement the rich blues without clashing. A touch of shimmer can add a touch of glamour, but let’s not go overboard, right?

Now, if we’re talking about a lighter blue, like turquoise or a breezy summer blue, why not experiment with pastels or warm blush shades? These can really echo the lightness and fun of these colors.

What about our skin tone, you ask? Well, for fair skin, subtle pinks are just divine. Have a medium skin tone? Reach for the peach or soft bronze to enhance that natural warmth. And for our friends with deeper skin tones, rich shades like warm bronze or brown can look absolutely stunning.

And let’s not forget about the highlighter; it’s like the fairy dust we all need! A sweep of a light-catching highlighter can be magical. Stick to neutral shades like champagne or beige to maintain that sophisticated vibe. Whether it’s a day at work or a night out, a little glow never hurts.

Just remember, balance is everything. A swipe of blush on the apples of the cheeks, blended out towards the temples, and a strategically placed highlighter along the cheekbones can do wonders. We’re all about enhancing our natural beauty, not overshadowing it.


Q: What are some makeup tips for a blue dress?

A: When wearing a blue dress, it’s best to opt for a makeup look that complements the cool tones of the dress. Consider using shades of blue eyeshadow, or a smokey eye effect to enhance your overall appearance.

Q: How can I create a dramatic eye makeup look for a blue dress?

A: To create a dramatic eye makeup look for a blue dress, you can use dark and shimmery shades of blue eyeshadow to add depth and intensity to your eyes. Pair it with bold eyeliner and voluminous lashes for a striking effect.

Q: What are some makeup product recommendations for a blue dress?

A: For a blue dress, consider using makeup products such as blue eyeshadow, navy eyeliner, and a tinted lip balm or lipstick in a complementary shade. These products will enhance your overall look and tie the makeup to your outfit.

Q: Can I wear red lipstick with a blue dress?

A: Yes, you can definitely wear red lipstick with a blue dress. It creates a bold and striking contrast, making it a classic and timeless choice for enhancing your overall makeup look.

Q: How can I achieve a classic eye makeup look for a blue dress?

A: To achieve a classic eye makeup look for a blue dress, consider using neutral shades like brown eyeshadow paired with a classic winged eyeliner. This timeless look complements the blue dress without overpowering it.

Q: Are there any makeup ideas for a navy blue dress?

A: For a navy blue dress, consider using shimmery pale blue eyeshadow to add a touch of contrast and brightness to your makeup look. You can also opt for a classic combination of navy eyeliner and a neutral lip color for a sophisticated appearance.

Q: How can I complete the makeup look for a blue dress?

A: To complete the makeup look for a blue dress, focus on enhancing the natural features of your complexion with foundation, concealer, and a touch of blush. Pair it with a suitable eye makeup look and lip color to complete the overall appearance.

Q: What are some makeup looks that work well with a blue dress?

A: Some makeup looks that work well with a blue dress include smokey eye effects, dramatic eye makeup with shimmery blue eyeshadow, and classic neutral eye makeup looks. These looks enhance the beauty of the blue dress without overpowering it.

Q: How can I make my eyes stand out when wearing a blue dress?

A: To make your eyes stand out when wearing a blue dress, consider using makeup techniques like applying eyelash mascara for volume, using kohl eyeliner to define the eyes, and opting for a shade of eyeshadow that complements the blue in your eyes and the dress.

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